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Sassy Snap Nappy with 2 Inserts - Oatmeal Rabbit

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Product Description


The Sassy Pants Snap Closure Nappy is one size fits most (4-18kg) and has 4 rows of rising snaps up the front to adjust the leg holes to get the perfect fit.

This pocket nappy includes a breathable shell and suede inner that quickly draws moisture away. You have 2 options - use as a pocket nappy where you can slide the absorbent booster insert(s) into the pocket, or as an all-in-two nappy (Ai2) where you snap the insert/s on the shell.

The nappy includes an inner gusset to catch the runny poos, a front opening pocket and has a waterproof tummy panel to stop wees wetting clothes.

The Bamboo cotton booster pads are 36cm x 12cm. Each absorbent pad includes 3 layers of thirsty 420gsm natural fibre bamboo and cotton. 420gsm is thicker than most bamboo cotton booster pads on the market. 

Includes -

  • Nappy shell in your design choice
  • 2 x quality bamboo/cotton inserts

RRP: $32.95


Washing Instructions

1. Nappy Change -  After removing your childs used nappy, flick the solid poo into the loo. Quick rinse off.

2. Basket -  Put the pads & Nappy outer shell into a laundry basket or washing machine with lid open. No need to soak

3. Prewash -  Wash at 40 degrees to 60 degrees. Use washing powder (Persil Ultimate is excellent) No fabric softener or beach.

4. Main Wash -  Within 2 days, top up the washing machine that has the nappies with other small laundry items and put through a full wash at 40-60 degrees.

5. Dry -  Line dry but avoid prolonged sun exposure of the nappy outer shells. Booster pads can be tumble dried if needed

6. Stuff - Put the pad (s) into the nappy ahead of time. Avoid scratching the waterproof layer with rings or fingernails.

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  • Everything you need!
  • Includes 2 quality bamboo/cotton inserts
  • One size fits most
  • Can adjust leg holes
  • Leak proof
  • Gorgeous designs

Sizing Information

Size Chart

One size fits most - 4-18kg

Fitting Guide

1. Attach the waist snaps - Snap the rising snaps to the correct fit for your baby's legs
2. Best Fit - Make sure there is room for 2 fingers in the waist so there is no muffin top.
3. Extra Material - Push the hidden material up towards the tummy button.
4. Leg Seal - Check that the elastic is in the leg creases where underwear would sit.



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